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Guest can make a reservation directly in the apartment building, or by phone, fax, e-mail or with the authorized agent.
The reservation becomes valid by signing the application for the reservation of the journey, i.e. by paying 25 % or the total amount of the accommodation price. Payment can be made in installments or at once. The deadline for paying the last installment is 21 days before arrival, unless it has been arranged otherwise. After the final payment, the guest will receive a voucher (proof of paid services or of services which will be used) as well as other necessary documents.

Accommodation price includes the basic service as described next to the accommodation unit from the reservation. Special services are those not included in the price, and are therefore additionally paid by the guest. The guest should ask for these services when making the reservation or when registering at the reception. The accommodation prices are expressed in euros. MelComp preserves the right of changing the published prices. MelComp guarantees the accommodation price to those guests that have made a down payment for a particular reservation (the accommodation price guaranteed is the one stated in the bill on the basis of which guests have made the down payment).
If a change occurs before down payment is made, MelComp is obliged to inform the guest of a change in the price. If more people than the number stated in the voucher arrive to the apartment, MelComp is entitled to refuse to provide accommodation to unannounced guests, or to accept all guests if extra payment is made immediately.

The apartments have been described according to the official categorization system of the institution responsible. The standards of accommodation, food, services and other are different in various places and countries and are not comparable

The reserved apartment can be exchanged only if the guest is noticed in advance, and only by the apartment of the same or of the higher category, and under the price according to which the reservation had been confirmed. If the reserved apartment cannot be exchanged, MelComp preserves the right to cancel the reservation and inform the guest at least seven days before his/her arrival. In this case MelComp also guarantees the return of the entire amount paid. If an adequate substitution cannot be made on the day of the guest's arrival, MelComp will attempt to provide information on possible accommodation offered by another agency and will also return to the guest the entire amount paid for the reservation.

In case the guest wishes to change or cancel the reservation made at his/her request, he is obliged to do it in writing (by e-mail, post or fax). Change of reservation is defined as a change in the number of guests which are to arrive, or as a change of the date of departure/arrival. Change of reservation is to be made 30 days before arrival at the latest. The first change of reservation is free of charge, if it can be made without additional expenses. Each following change of reservation will be charged 20 euro per change. In case a change of reservation cannot be made, and in case that leads to cancellation on the part of the guest, terms of cancellation stated below become valid.

Change of the apartment and any change requested within 30 days before arrival as well as after arrival are considered a cancellation of the reservation.

If the reservation is cancelled, the date when the written cancellation is received is considered the basis for calculating the cancellation costs as follows:

  • If the reservation is cancelled 15 days before arrival, 35 % of the accommodation price will be charged (down payment is not returned)
  • If the reservation is cancelled 14 to 9 days before arrival, 50 % of the accommodation price will be charged
  • If the reservation is cancelled 8 to 2 days before arrival, 80 % of the accommodation price will be charged
  • If the reservation is cancelled 1 day before arrival, if the guest doesn't appear or if he doesn't cancel the reservation within the period of his stay, the total accommodation price will be charged.

If the guest doesn't arrive to the apartment until midnight on the day of his arrival without contacting MelComp, the reservation is considered to be cancelled, and the cancellation costs will be charged as stated above. If the actual cancellation costs exceed the costs listed above, MelComp preserves the right of charging the actual costs. If the guest that cancelled the reservation finds another person to take his place, MelComp will charge only the actual costs caused by the exchange.

The guest is required to possess valid travel documents, to abide by the customs and monetary regulations of the country he is visiting, to abide by the household regulations in the apartment, to cooperate with MelComp in good faith, to give MelComp on arrival the voucher received by E-mail or post, to check whether he must have a visa in order to enter the country of his destination or the neighboring countries. If the guest doesn't abide by these duties he will pay the expenses and be responsible for the damages done. By confirming the reservation, the guest is obliged to immediately pay to MelComp any possible damage done by the guest.

MelComp is not responsible neither for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, nor for luggage or valuables that may be stolen in the accommodation facility. Lost luggage or theft is reported to MelComp and the jurisdictional police station.

Accommodation services can be used on arrival starting from 14.00 p.m. and on departure until 10.00 a.m. (unless stated otherwise). It is possible to use accommodation services earlier only in agreement with MelComp.

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A-02 Apartment 38m2 ground floor for 4+1 people

Choose apartment!
A-01Apartment 102m2 ground floor + first floor for 10 people
A-02 38m2 ground floor for 4+1 people
A-03 55m2 ground floor for 4+2 people
A-04 40m2 first floor for 4+1 people
A-05 51m2 first floor for 4+2 people
A-06 40m2 ground floor for 4+1 people
A-07 45m2 first floor for 4+1 people
A-08 38m2 ground floor for 4+1 people
A-10 40m2 first floor for 4+1 people
A-11 51m2 first floor for 4+2 people
A-16 38m2 ground floor for 4+1 people
A-17 46m2 first floor for 4+1 people
A-20 36m2 ground floor for 4+1 people
A-21 45m2 first floor for 4+1 people

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